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Our team comprise of highly competent and experienced personnel from medical,research and management fields with a rich experience of working in India and abroad.

Mr. Rajinder Sharma (B.Sc., B. Ed.)

With almost four decades of community service towards education, health, women empowerment etc., Mr. Rajinder Sharma has been instrumental in serving the poor and neglected masses of rural Haryana. He served the Haryana Education Department for 38 years. As an academician he has made significant contribution towards the planning as well as execution of education services through the district and state level of Haryana. He has been actively involved with various NGO and social organizations for promotion of education, women empowerment, health and other social issues. He is currently the Chairman of Magnus Medicare, Brahamshakti Sanjivani Hospital, Bahadurgarh. During his tenure with Magnus Medicare, he has been instrumental in bringing the Super-specialized medical services by virtue of Bahadurgarh’s first comprehensive heart care facility with state of art Cath Lab along with fully equipped cardiology set-up. Mr. Sharma’s name is synonymous with honors and recognitions, having being credited with numerous awards for his contribution to the community service. As a true Samaritan he is always more than willing to lend his services to the people in distress as well as community at large.

Dr. Naresh Kumar Goyal (MD-Medicine, DM-Cardiology)

Dr. Naresh Kumar Goyal is a distinguished Intervention Cardiologist having more than 15 years of experience in the cardiology field. He started his professional journey in September 1988 at Sardar Patel Medical College,Bikaner as an undergraduate followed by postgraduate training (MD) in Internal Medicine at SMS Medical College, Jaipur and postdoctoral training in Cardiology (DM) from the All India Institute of Medical Science,New Delhi which stands synonymous with achievable excellence in medical sciences in India.As a professional Intervention Cardiologist he has worked at various hospitals in Delhi-NCR including G.B.Pant Hospital, Jaipur Golden Hospital, Max Hospital and CMC Heartcare LLP. Under his aegis, different lives saving intervention are being performed and most importantly these interventions are done with compassion and personal touch. Due to his strong interest towards research, he has participated as Principal Investigator in various National and International clinical trials. Dr. Goyal has a fond attachment to academics and heeducates the general public on healthy heart lifestyles and practices through apt use of mass media. As a simple man, his ambitions are also simple. His wish in the coming years is to do more patient-friendly procedures and get more recognition as a cardiologist.

Dr. Manish Sharma (MBBS, MS)

Dr. Manish Sharma is a distinguished Laparoscopic and trauma surgeon having more than 13 years of experience in the surgery field. He started his professional journey in July 1995 at NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad as an undergraduate followed by postgraduate training (MS) in General Surgery at BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad. As a professional Laparoscopic and trauma surgeon he has worked at various hospitals in Delhi-NCR including Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital, Delhi and Brahamshakti Sanjivani Hospital, Bahadurgarh. He became Head of the Department of Surgery as well as Medical Superintendent of Brahamshakti Sanjivani Hospital in the year 2008. Under his aegis, different types of life saving surgeries such as bullet injuries, violent trauma, road side accidents etc. are being performed and most importantly these procedures are done with compassion and personal touch. He has a track record of performing more than 10,000 surgeries including laparoscopic appendix, hernia, gall bladder, uterus, ovarian cyst etc. He has devoted the precious years of his life towards serving the community (mix of rural, semi-urban and urban population) at outskirts having poor infrastructure for medical services. In this era of corporate hospitals, his commitment to serve the poor and neglected masses is highly commendable. He has been actively involved with various NGO and social organizations for conducting medical camps, road safety programs and lectures for de-addictions and healthy living.

Sanjay Gupta (M.Pharm, MBA)

Sanjay Gupta is a well-known clinical research expert of the country having more than 20 years of extensive clinical research experience. He has personally conducted and supervised over 100 clinical trials (Global registration trials, Exploratory Phase-II trials, Phase-I trials, Investigators initiated trials etc.) across a wide range of therapeutic areas including Oncology, Endocrinology, Psychiatry, Critical Care, Infectious Diseases,Andrology, Ophthalmology etc.He has presented his research work in various International Journals and Conferences including American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Seminars in Oncology, British Journal of Cancer (BJC), Gastric and Breast Cancer (GBC) and British Journal of Radiology (BJR). He has authored 9 books and written thought provoking articles for periodicals Chronicle Pharmabiz and Express Pharma Pulse. His recent books “All You Need to Know about Clinical Research” and “The Big Book of Clinical Research” have been widely acclaimed by key stakeholders. He is the founder member of Society for the Promotion of Ethical Clinical Trials (SPECT), Network Coordinator for a cancer research network set-up by University of Oxford, London (INDOX Network) and Advisory Board Member for International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology. He has been appointed as Independent Auditor/Co-monitor for auditing the work of Investigator sites as well as Contract Research Organizations in India by International Sponsors and Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. He has served as a consultant to many clinical research organizations for setting-up and streamlining their processes and operations.